About CBNY

about-kayak-300x118Established in 1999, Christopher Boey New York (CBNY) is a boutique internet marketing studio situated in the heart of New York City, CBNY creates carefully thought-out, high-impact websites and internet marketing programs. By partnering with our clients throughout the development process, we ensure a successful foundation upon which anything is possible.

Our work is always “clean” and “easy to navigate” with the design spotlight always on our clients. We keep businesses on the continual cutting edge, providing premium support and customer care.

Customer Service

CBNY sets itself apart from other web design and development firms through our focus on customer care. From the moment we begin working with you as a client, our management team will focus on making sure your project meets all of your requirements. Our technical team will utilize the latest and most efficient technology available to design a website that is both intuitive and easy to use. Your questions will always be respected and we will give you answers honestly and candidly. We take pride in the long term relationships we build with our clients.

Professional Timelines and delivery

Your projects and updates are completed in a professional and timely fashion. We recognize that the key to a successful website is keeping content relevant, accurate and updated. When changes need to be made, our customer care and technical teams ensures that they are expedited TODAY. CBNY is staffed appropriately so that your request doesn’t go into some queue to be dealt with by a nameless programmer. Instead, our teams develop subject matter expertise regarding your website, deep knowledge that allows them to process your updates and changes as quickly as possible. Accountability still matters here.

Professional Management

CBNY doesn’t just leave you with a website or database at the end of a project and wish you good luck. We are invested in making sure that once a project is done, everything continues to work as seamlessly and efficiently as possible. So we offer you a full suite of management services, in order to free you to concentrate on doing what you do best: selling your products and services.

If you have a project you think fits our mold please give us a call at 212.777.0506 or email us here.