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New Media РOld Values

Professional Website Design and Internet Marketing is Web design company & digital marketing agency. We have been using this website since 1999 to market our web design and internet marketing services. 1999…that is an eternity in technology years. Forward to 2016. We are sharper and more experienced than most any vendor in the internet marketing space. We have a laundry list of successful and satisfied clients a mile-long to prove it.

After all these years here are a few simple rules we live by to get to this point:

Rule #1 – Quality Costs.
Web design is just like any other business…you get what you pay for. If you value your time, go concentrate on building your core business and hire a capable company to manage your internet marketing…website, social, email blasts… too much to DIY and too important to ignore.

Rule #2 – Websites need to take on a life of their own to experience long-term success.
You can’t just build it and leave it. It requires a certain level of regular attention if you want it to bear fruit. Some sites need more love more than others, but all sites need attention.

Rule #3 – Don’t make your website someone’s evil stepchild
Don’t let the office manager or intern become website manager. It will probably look lousy in a few weeks if you do that. Invest in website management and go about your day knowing it is being handled properly. You do what you do best, while we do what we do best.

If you want to build a great website, need website management or internet consulting call us. Our telephone number is 212.777.0506. You can reach us via email here.